Just because we are millennials doesn’t mean we have it all worked out.

We are back on the bottom of the social food chain at the sweet and not so innocent age of twenty-something. We have worked tirelessly to dodge any social slip-ups during our primary school days, barely scraping through the mistake minefield that was high school – the haircut that just shouldn’t have – and let’s face it university was one big blur of counting down assessments and praying that that last fuck up was your final fuck up.

Little did we know that once we took off that cap and gown – life’s little hiccups didn’t just go away. Things certainly did not instantly become easy. Our life bloopers instead got grander and more daunting, some of them we even put on replay (remember that ex) just for shits and giggles.

And giggle we should because if one thing remains the same…

…shit happens, and we deal with it!

Our Favourite Bloopers

Confess Your Life Bloopers

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